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Why Wind Farms Have Three Blades?

Why Wind Farms Have Three Blades

People have been tamed the wind energy for their own needs long time ago. From sailboats to windmills, wind has been and still is a very important source of energy throughout human history. In recent years, wind energy has become even more popular. Mankind has seen that this renewable energy[…]

BP Wants To Rebuild Its Business Model

BP Wants To Rebuild Its Business Model

British Petrol is one of the largest oil companies in the world. Therefore, the recent announcement of this company has caused quite a stir. BP suffered billions in losses in the second quarter of 2020 and the business restructure is needed obviously. Their new motto is green energy instead of[…]

Energy Storage is The Future and Has Been All the Focus

Amid all the talks about global warming and climate change, the issue of usage and storage of energy is another burning issue of today. All three aspects are connected in a significant way. The utilization of our energy resources directly impacts our atmosphere and environment. The problems of global warming[…]

Most Popular Ways to Save Energy at Home

With rising energy prices all around the world, the need for consumption of energy is a real task. This is especially true if you have a home full of kids, and there is little you can do to make sure all the lights and devices are unplugged always. Thankfully, there[…]

Choosing The Right Smart Assistant for Your Smart Home Initiative

When you consider 21st-century technology, it is no longer limited to computers and mobile devices. It seems that technology has even permeated usual household appliances such as refrigerators, thermostats, and stereos, which can be used remotely or automatically through mobile devices, the internet, and artificial intelligence. Making use of smart[…]

Smart Energy Meters – Hoax or Fact

Smart meters are devices that are installed by gas and electric utilities in international homes and apartments. The meter sends a usage report through a wireless system to mobile telephones. There is no doubt that these nifty devices are beneficial, both for the utility and the user. It is a[…]

How Nanotechnology is Changing Energy Usage

Ever since the creation of the first phone, technology has advanced to new heights. With new ways to do daily activities with the click of a button and further information to learn, we create unique and more modern technology. Nanotechnology is a type of a new and innovative beginning for[…]

Renewable Energy Sources – Part 2

Ever since we discovered that fossil fuels are gradually becoming more and more depleted, humans have been in constant search for energy sources that can replenish themselves naturally and more importantly, do not have harmful effects on the environment. These energy sources are what are known today as renewable. Little[…]

The Top Apps to Track Your Energy Consumption

For most people, the sight of an energy bill at the end of every month is both frustrating and shocking. The large amount of water and electricity that we consume is an issue for the planet and for our finances. That’s why it is a smart move to keep track[…]