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How Nanotechnology is Changing Energy Usage

Ever since the creation of the first phone, technology has advanced to new heights. With new ways to do daily activities with the click of a button and further information to learn, we create unique and more modern technology. Nanotechnology is a type of a new and innovative beginning for[…]

Renewable Energy Sources – Part 2

Ever since we discovered that fossil fuels are gradually becoming more and more depleted, humans have been in constant search for energy sources that can replenish themselves naturally and more importantly, do not have harmful effects on the environment. These energy sources are what are known today as renewable. Little[…]

The Top Apps to Track Your Energy Consumption

For most people, the sight of an energy bill at the end of every month is both frustrating and shocking. The large amount of water and electricity that we consume is an issue for the planet and for our finances. That’s why it is a smart move to keep track[…]

Renewable Energy Sources – Part 1

It’s a fact of humankind that we use energy to fuel almost every aspect of life, may it be for industrial use, residential purposes or even for personal consumption. We would not be as productive as we are now if not for the electricity that powers our offices or the[…]

What Is Climate Change?

Billions of people around the world are experiencing climate change’s effects. Every day, the world around us is changing for the worse. The weather is getting warmer, storms and hurricanes are getting stronger, the glaciers in the Antarctic are getting smaller by the second. But how many people actually know[…]

The Importance of Energy Efficiency and Conservation

What does it mean to conserve energy and be energy efficient? The two concepts are different but very much related. To conserve energy means to reduce the amount of it used through your behavior. To be energy efficient is to use a technological solution to be more economical with the[…]

The Best Apps to Get the Most Out of Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the most widely used customer relationship management systems worldwide. In order to get the most out of Salesforce, there are several native apps for the system. All of these apps are available in Salesforce’s AppExchange. These enterprise solutions help you extend the use of Salesforce and[…]

How Businesses Can Conserve Energy

Did you know that a simple change like switching to LED lighting could save the private sector 403 million tons in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions? This is including the billions of dollars it could potentially save as well. Businesses should know that conserving energy isn’t just good for the planet,[…]

What Platforms Are Best for Building Apps?

AppMachine An affordable option, AppMachine is easy to use and allows linking to online stores, as well as social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter. The Previewer allows you to view how the app will look, and the backend design is a simple drag and drop interface. The best feature[…]

Energy Startups in Europe – Part 2

Europe has a robust startup sector, with funding and support coming from the European Union as well as individual governments. Since energy is a priority for so many countries on the continent, several startups are working to solve the problem of energy consumption for their societies. Some of these companies[…]