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What Platforms Are Best for Building Apps?

AppMachine An affordable option, AppMachine is easy to use and allows linking to online stores, as well as social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter. The Previewer allows you to view how the app will look, and the backend design is a simple drag and drop interface. The best feature[…]

Energy Startups in Europe – Part 2

Europe has a robust startup sector, with funding and support coming from the European Union as well as individual governments. Since energy is a priority for so many countries on the continent, several startups are working to solve the problem of energy consumption for their societies. Some of these companies[…]

Energy Startups in Europe – Part 1

It’s a known fact that the energy crisis is affecting many advanced nations. Europe as a continent is one of the most badly affected. Dependence on foreign fuel sources, as well as high demand, make for a worrying trend in the area of energy. The UK, in particular, has one[…]

Using Technology To Save Energy In Your Home

There are two reasons you should have a smart, energy efficient home. One, individual actions can significantly contribute to reducing climate change. Two, there will be a reduction in the amount you spend on providing energy for you and your family. Want some ideas on how you can save money[…]

How European Countries Are Using Renewable Energy for Europe 2020

What is Europe 2020? The European Union wants to drop its greenhouse gas emissions and have at least one-fifth of its energy come from renewable sources. It has set goals specifically in the transport sector, an area which consumes the most energy on the continent. Some countries have done better[…]