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Energy Startups in Europe – Part 2

Europe has a robust startup sector, with funding and support coming from the European Union as well as individual governments. Since energy is a priority for so many countries on the continent, several startups are working to solve the problem of energy consumption for their societies. Some of these companies are Scandinavian in origin. This is due to the progressive policies as well as natural resources of the region. Poland is also represented well, which makes sense for one of the continent’s fastest-growing economies. If you’ve ever wondered about the startups changing the nature of energy in Europe, keep reading to find out more.

Trine, Sweden

Trine’s business model is using crowdfunding to support solar energy projects. It’s been successful in raising capital for projects in emerging nations, in places as far as Africa. The idea here isn’t just to give people a chance to feel good about their investment, there’s also the return on investment of up to 6 percent. Still, the environmental and social benefits are impressive. So far, the company has managed to give almost 200,000 people electricity. They’ve also reduced 50,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

EasySolar app, Poland

The Polish company EasySolar aims to bring the customer a tailored experience via an app to control photovoltaic panels. Though it started in Poland, it operates worldwide. Its solar design platform and app is cloud-based, so the user can access information from anywhere. The EasySolar system allows design using Google Maps, photos, as well as the Sketch program. It’s extremely user-friendly and allows for project management behind the scenes. The subscription model is a monthly plan that customers can start or stop at any time.

Tespack, Finland

Finnish startup Tespack has won the Startup EU award and can now call itself the best energy startup in Europe. It has a lot to live up to but seems up to the challenge. It’s based on a simple idea, that we are mobile, and our energy should be too. Founder Mario Aguilera was in the Bolivian army and learned that batteries that give out quickly aren’t ideal. Tespack’s solution is to make each person a mobile energy collecting machine. Its backpacks and helmets collect energy from solar power.

Quantum Electric, Finland

Quantum Electric, a Finnish startup, has a technology it calls E-Gear. This is an electric gearbox revolution that they aim to take to electric vehicles everywhere. The energy savings are impressive and are validated by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. The management team has experience in electrical development in addition to other disciplines that will take Quantum far.

Lerta (Husar Labs), Poland

Another Poland-based company, Husar has a product called Lerta that reduces energy consumption for individual customers. Husar is known for helping develop solutions in the Internet of Things (IOT) sector and has produced several products already. The company has won a number of awards and is high on the list of promising startups in the energy sector.