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Energy Storage is The Future and Has Been All the Focus

Amid all the talks about global warming and climate change, the issue of usage and storage of energy is another burning issue of today. All three aspects are connected in a significant way. The utilization of our energy resources directly impacts our atmosphere and environment. The problems of global warming and climate change have come to the fore due to our irresponsible use of energy for centuries. We didn’t care about anything else other than our benefits. Today, when we’re struggling with frequent natural disasters, the world leaders have woken up and started talking about the problem at hand.

Our non-renewable energy resources are draining out rapidly. Now, we have to look towards new sources of energy like solar energy and wind energy. Both of these energy sources provide us with clean energy, keeping our environment healthy. Many studies have stated that we’d have to get half of our energy from these renewable resources by 2050 if we want to save earth from climate change and global warming. But the problem with solar and wind energy is that they’re not reliable. We can’t be sure about if the sun is going to come out or it is going to be cloudy on a particular day. We have to improve our renewable energy storage capacity if we want to go ahead with clean energy. Here are some of the energy storage alternatives which can help us improve our energy storage capacity.

Thermal Storage

Thermal storage is the process of storing solar energy in molten salt, water, or other liquids. Scientists around the world are working on thermal storage, as it is regarded as the leading energy storage solution for the future. Scientists have got some success in using energy stored in thermal storage. However, it is still not up to the mark for the quantity of energy storage we need. More work needs to be done and can be expected in this area.

Alternative Batteries

Many prominent companies in the world are working on creating batteries that use renewable energy instead of a regular battery. Tesla is a company that is the front-runner in the race. Their invention of alternative batteries is a saving grace. They have been successful in making batteries using minimum cobalt, which is the primary source of energy in regular cells. This is a fast-developing area in energy storage.

Compressed Air

Compressed air is an energy storage solution that the world has been working on for a long time. When we compress the air to the point that it can’t be squeezed anymore, we come up with a new energy storage alternative. In some parts of the world, compressed air is still being used to generate electricity. However, it is a very costly energy storage solution at this point. Unless a more sustainable and cost-effective method is found, this might not be the best way forward.


The flywheel is the most cost-effective energy storage solution among all others. The concept of Flywheels is based on using the energy produced from the rotation of wheels in a vacuum. We can use the flywheels as the generator when we need electricity. The problem with the flywheels is that it’s storage capacity is not enough to use it as a regular energy storage solution. The future in this invention is profound, and studies are conducted everyday specializing in this area.