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How Nanotechnology is Changing Energy Usage

Ever since the creation of the first phone, technology has advanced to new heights. With new ways to do daily activities with the click of a button and further information to learn, we create unique and more modern technology. Nanotechnology is a type of a new and innovative beginning for the technology industry. It is used in phones, laptops and any other pieces that require a more small and efficient part. Although technology such as this, is rather small and fragile, scientists and other individuals are focused on using this tech for the benefit of portability and efficiency. An example of nanotechnology in today’s society is surgery and recovery. Scientists are coming up with a machine that uses nanotechnology to defeat diseases and repair any internal damage that may be caused by unfortunate incidents with minimal invasion too.

The Origins of Nanotech

Nanotechnology was first attempted and pushed into the limelight when scientists found that they were able to create machines that could display subatomic particles. This invention was known as the electron microscope. Nanotechnology was well-known to rest upon the manipulation of nanoparticles to reduce the sizes necessary for microchips and other machines. This innovation has been used in almost every type of modern technology that we now use daily. It is one of the sole reasons for the technological advancements that we have achieved. Nanotech is the reason why our smartphones are smarter than a room full of technical equipment. Technology such as smartphones that were used only for phone calls is now equipped with the ability to search the world wide web for any information that may be necessary.

How Nanotech Helps the Environment

Nanotechnology explains the origins of its name all on its own. These small pieces of technology are not only handheld and compact, but they are also continuously getting cheaper to manufacture efficiently. Inventors are now focused on creating a useful device that is easy to build, friendly to the environment and energy efficient as well. Using nanotechnology in sensors is a current occurrence as many farmers find that nanotechnology is useful in monitoring crops and displaying plant and weather based results. Plans are also currently being established to make better and more sustainable versions of the technology in daily tasks such as watches and Bluetooth devices, such as speakers. Some examples of nanotechnology include

  • The Apple Watch
  • Fitbits
  • iPhones
  • Mini speakers
  • Powerbanks

These are pieces of technology that use nanotechnology and are used in today’s modern era. Some of the features that nanotech allows these devices to achieve include features like, heart rate sensing, calling, emergency contacts, and even gaming. A way that many scientists are seeking to make total and complete energy conservation is by advancing and improving the reaches and abilities of new technology such as Nanotechnology. Limitless amounts of organizations and companies are banding together to produce smaller and more efficient types of technology, especially nanotechnology. Not only will changing the size of nanotech change the production and popularity rates of the technology, but it will also endure that costs decline, and less energy is used, making it effectively energy efficient.