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What Platforms Are Best for Building Apps?


An affordable option, AppMachine is easy to use and allows linking to online stores, as well as social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter. The Previewer allows you to view how the app will look, and the backend design is a simple drag and drop interface. The best feature though has to be its ability to scan your site for content that can transfer to an app.

Bizness Apps

Bizness Apps makes the app designing experience smoother by including access to tutorials and articles on making apps. It also includes webinars for those who want to know how to design using the platform. There are pre-built designs you can use, or you can customize things on your own. There’s comprehensive analytics to help you develop your business and the ability to create promotional materials. It also includes multiple features like a shopping cart, reviews, and third-party integrations.


Want a complete content management system? ShoutEm offers powerful tools to engage users, monetize your app, and does it all while allowing you to easily publish your app. Its integrations are its biggest draw, and they include WordPress, Facebook, Soundcloud, and many more content sources.

Good Barber

The platform GoodBarber gives the opportunity to design an app in real time. While you are making design changes, they take effect immediately on the app, so it’s easy to see how the design performs. In addition to building apps, it’s possible to optimize your design to be viewed on desktop, mobile, and tablets. This makes it a solid choice for all types of businesses.


Think games are just for kids?

Actually, gaming apps are one of the few apps that are almost guaranteed to make their creators money. Best of all, there’s no need to learn how to code. GameSalad has drag and drop functionality that makes it easy to get started in creating and publishing games for multiple platforms. There’s a forum where you can connect and learn from other game designers too. If you’re an educator, it’s a great multipurpose tool that could be used to create educational content for your students.